Soldier Mom

Soldier Mom 3-act play cover
Soldier Mom, a two-act play written by Fred Stawitz and Dolores Colunga-Stawitz, premiered in Houston. This compelling story smuggles the audience across military lines into a war zone of controversy -- women in combat!

Meek midwestern housewife and mother-of-two, Judy Bender, suffers turmoil and travail when her life is derailed at the advent of the Gulf War. Thrown into a hostile, beguiling environment when her Guard unit is summoned for active duty, Judy denies the notion that she is a "real" soldier until ambushed enroute to a forward MED-EVAC camp. Facing certain death at the hands of enemy soldiers, her will to survive confronts maternal instincts. Judy's transition from medical supply clerk to combatant parallels the changing roles of women in the military.

For decades, the so-called "Risk" Rule prevented women from marching into "harm's way." On October 1, 1994, this decree was quietly rescinded. Soldier Mom attacks the major issues surrounding this inciteful decision which has a social significance comparable to the passage of women's suffrage.

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Reviews & Recognition

“I laughed, I cried, I was blown away!”
Tracy Ahrens, Houston

Recognized by the American Gulf War Veterans Association for the authentic representation of life of soldiers serving in the Gulf War.

Earned Honorable Mention from the Writer's Digest Magazine Writing Competition.




I wouldn't want to be a Marine. I'm proud to do my duty. It's hot and everything, but ... I mean I'm glad I'm here.

Bin, that's a bunch of bullshit.

Girl, you're here 'cause your old man can't cut a slice of bread big enough to buy you your dream house. You save your "I'm-glad-I'm-here-and-I'm-proud-to-fight" speech for one of those news reporters. They eat that kind of shit for breakfast.

Hell, Bindy. It's one thing for the government to screw you and you know all about it. It's a damn shame to not even know you're bending over for them.

I'm not bending over for them.

HENDRIX throws her cap at BENDER who tosses it back in the same friendly manner.

Get real, girl. They get us all, it's just a matter of time! Don't feel so special. They get us all!


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