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"I laughed, I cried, I was blown away!"

Houston, TX


Recognized for the authentic representation of the life of soldiers serving in the Gulf War.

Honorable Mention


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Theatrical Plays

Soldier Mom

Two-act play written by Fred Stawitz and Dolores Colunga-Stawitz.

This compelling story smuggles the audience across military lines into a war zone of controversy -- women in combat!

Meek midwestern housewife and mother-of-two, Judy Bender, suffers turmoil and travail when her life is derailed at the advent of the Gulf War. Thrown into a hostile, beguiling environment when her Guard unit is summoned for active duty, Judy denies the notion that she is a "real" soldier until ambushed enroute to a forward MED-EVAC camp. Facing certain death at the hands of enemy soldiers, her will to survive confronts maternal instincts. Judy's transition from medical supply clerk to combatant parallels the changing roles of women in the military.

For decades, the so-called "Risk" Rule prevented women from marching into "harm's way." On October 1, 1994, this decree was quietly rescinded. Soldier Mom attacks the major issues surrounding this inciteful decision which has a social significance comparable to the passage of women's suffrage.


Words and music by Fred Stawitz.

Soldier Mom, the road explodes around you.
Fires burn, across the sands.
Warplanes fly, through the smoky sunset.
Soldiers die, to win this barren land.

In the night, the sounds of war surround you.
Friend or foe, it’s hard for you to tell.
Fire fights, cut the sky with tracers.
Streaks of light, that keep searching for you.

    Instrumental Bridge

Soldier Mom, another battle’s raging.
In your heart, and on your mind.
Soldier Mom, you hear your kids calling to you,
“Soldier Mom, when are you coming home?”

In your mind, you hear the kids calling to you,
“Soldier Mom, when are we going home?
Soldier Mom, are we all coming home?”


In order of appearance in premiere performance in the Joe Frank Theatre at the Jewish Community Center in Houston, Texas.

RADIO ANNOUNCER played by Bill Lee

PRESIDENT played by David Rancken

TRUCK DRIVER played by Ben Maubray

JUDY "BINDY" BENDER played by Stacey Noessel

GINGER LEWIS played by Diane Wonio

RETHA JACKSON played by Eva Patterson

SHENICE HENDRIX played by Rebecca Ramirez

SGT. JOHNSON played by Steve Willett

MURPHY SZCRAZINSKI played by Lee Willis

LT. SANCHEZ played by Ruth Aguilar

ROGER BENDER played by Troy Faldyn

ELLIE BENDER played by Yvette Edery

MALE REPORTER played by Ben Maubray

BILLY WELLBORN played by Troy Faldyn

RAMBO BAKER played by Lee Willis

FIRE CONTROL played by Steve Willett

IRAQI SOLDIER 1 played by Ben Maubray

IRAQI SOLDIER 2 played by Roland Belmarez

YOUNG IRAQI SOLDIER played by Brian Judy

SINGER played by Anthony Boggess Glover

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