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"Solid, logical, clear ideas. Relevant to folks in various walks of life."

Director, CIA, and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan

"Boots in the Office is an easy but deeply insightful read that guides you through the complex and demanding environments of civilian occupations without scrambling your brain."

88M Platoon Leader/Sergeant, 2006-2014, United States Army Reserves

"I've never read a book or attended a class that helped me more with work related issues than Boots in the Office."

Submarine Forces, 1981-1996, United States Navy (Ret.)

"Boots in the Office is rich with strategic approaches that can benefit anyone during the transition from the structured military standards of practice to the often unpredictable environment of the corporate or non-defense world. I only wish I had access to this book during the early years of my career."

Emergency Management Superintendent, 1986-2016, United States Air Force Reserves

"Boots in the Office helped me develop a more effective perspective of how I view my job. I know now that I must find balance between my preset military attitude and the entitlement of the non-military workforce."

Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003-2004, United States Marines

"Boots in the Office offers practical approaches, if applied, to help you navigate the civilian work environment and succeed. Fred offers help in the form of sage advice on reflection, countermeasures, and creating an effective path to being a contributing member of the civilian workforce. Read, absorb, employ, and enjoy. You got this!"

Deputy Master Cheif of the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Headquartes, United States Coast Guard


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ISBN: 9780988807938
PUBLISHER: Storymakers, Inc.
PUBLICATION DATE: January 21, 2019
FORMAT: softcover, ebook





Boots in the Office

Boots in the Office speaks to the many veterans who following their proud and valiant service to their country may be challenged with transitioning from military service to the corporate sector. This book takes the military approach of quickly assessing your environment, determining the resources at your disposal, and formulating a plan for mission success.

In the workplace, this means:

Includes introductions written by members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard who found this book to provide useful guidance in transitioning to and working within the corporate sector.

Penned from a worker’s perspective by an award-winning author/educator and experienced corporate training manager with contributions from a veteran job recruiter, Boots in the Office explains key factors that shape workplace dynamics and provides a comprehensive set of tools that people in all lines of work and at all levels can employ to reduce frustration and leverage more control over their professional lives.


Cassandra Waters Brusie, United States Army
Derek L. Davidson, United States Navy
Lee G. Willis, United States Air Force
Deanna Otts-Whitfield, United States Marines
Leilani Cale-Jones, United States Coast Guard
1 - Taking Charge of Your Professional Life
2 - Seeking a Path to Success
3 - Deciding to Stay and Prevail
4 - Indentifying Your Workplace Environment
5 - Surviving in an Antagonistic Environment
6 - Maintaining in a Contentious Environment
7 - Progressing in a Benign Environment
8 - Thriving in a Supportive Environment
9 - Leveraging Control in Any Environment
10 - Reinforcing Your Foundation
11 - Strengthening Your Image
12 - Assuming Responsibility with Less Risk
13 - Using Documentation to Your Advantage
14 - Recognizing Traps and Manipulation
15 - Establishing Your Workplace Survival Plan
Appendix A - Workplace Survival Plan and Checklist
Appendix B - Sample Workplace Survival Plans
Appendix C - Traps and Manipulation Techniques
Appendix C - Quick Reference Charts
About the Author


Fred Stawitz researches, writes, speaks, and consults on:

A popular international speaker, he has been featured on CNN Headline News, a PBS special program, TV news/talk shows, nationally syndicated radio programs, business meetings, conferences, and quoted in a Special Congressional Quarterly Report.

As an experienced program development manager, he has more than fifteen years of expertise in successfully designing, implementing, and managing programs that maximize safety and productivity while ensuring regulatory compliance.

He was recruited to design and implement the first technical training program for the US Space Shuttle Program (United Space Alliance) following the Challenger explosion. He also produced online training and desktop simulations for the astronauts.

He developed training and regulatory compliance programs for InterGen (Shell/Bechtel joint energy venture) and developed the in-house capability for delivering online training and video production for El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline (largest pipeline company in America).

He is a recipient of:

He served as judge of the Diversity Value Index Benchmark & Awards Program as well as judging numerous writing competitions. He has received several awards for writing. He penned and produced the award-winning stage play Soldier Mom.

He is currently the CEO of Storymakers, Inc., a specialized publishing operation.

Stawitz graduated from Washburn University with dual degrees in mathematics and computer science backed by a minor in foreign languages.

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